Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Which was the best web hosting service in March 2018?

In a study, claimed to be impartial and with many parameters minutely checked, Indivigital [https://indivigital.com/] has judged the following web hosting services as the best:

  1. Bluehost: 100% uptime, 437ms response time
  2. FatCow: 100% uptime, 1967ms response time
  3. GoDaddy: 100% uptime (1 minute of downtime), 594ms response time
  4. Hostgator (cloud): 100% uptime (3 minutes of downtime), 438ms response time
  5. Dreamhost: 100% uptime (7 minutes of downtime), 1008ms response time

Uptime, speed are the top qualities for a web host.
Indivigital says, except for Hostgator, economy packages of all web hosts were compared. Factors such as scheduled maintenance and performance over many locations were taken care of.