Sunday, April 8, 2018

Amazon Web Services continues to lead cloud services industry

Amazon is the global leader in cloud storage and applications, and its web services suite, AWS [Amazon Web Services] has been quite popular among users of data, web hosting, networking and web development services.

Being scalable and priced as per use, this service is getting popular in price sensitive but growing market, e.g. in Asia. In India, AWS  is reported to be growing at an exponential rate. Resellers are supposed to be giving a big boost to its expansion, by offering customized services at low rates. A recent report says, Amazon is now making more money from AWS than from its more popular mainstay, retailing.

GoDaddy is going to load its web hosting and other services on Amazon. The two will also look at synergies in some areas.

Amazon has recently announced higher security features for its cloud services.

Hope, its close competitor, Microsoft Azure, which is supposed to have bigger presence in large-scale solutions, is  listening.