Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Which are the highest registered domain names?

There are 330.7 million domain names across top level domains (TLDs) as in the end of 2017, according to Verizone. Top level domains are the highest level in the domain naming heirarchy. We see them as the last part of the domain name (e.g. in, .com is the TLD).

Looking for the best domain name?

Out of all TLDs, .com is the most popular one, followed by .cn (for China), .tk (for Tokelau), .de (for Germany), .net, .uk (for United Kingdom), .org, .ru (for Russia), and .info.

Among the new TLDs, .xyz, .loan, .top, .win, .club and .online are the most sought after.

Among new geographical TLDs, the most registered are: .london, .nyc, .tokyo and .berlin.