Sunday, January 28, 2018

Which is the best web hosting service provider, after all?

Among web hosting service providers, the race to the top continue, both in numbers and quality service. In different surveys and studies, different web hosts shine and others are dumped. There seems to be bias too in selection of top scorers, based on commercial considerations, and technical reasons.

This time, let's see the list provided by hostreview. It has come out with best host awards for 2017.

peak10 is the overall topper, followed by DATAPIPE, HostGator, DigitalOcean, Multacom, SoftLayer, Linode, GoDaddy, UnitedLayer and LiquidWeb.

The criteria? This includes the plans, prices, uptime, guarantee and customer support, as well as the web hosting reviews over the year and the online presence of the companies.

The website awards different types of web hosts in different categories. You can see the category top ten here: Web Host Awards

While Amazon Web Services getting the top award in cloud computing is obvious, most top awardees are not the most popular ones.