Saturday, November 18, 2017

Web hosting and related updates

SchoolDesk assures high security after 800 websites hacked by pro-ISIS hackers

After over 800 school websites hosted on its servers were hacked early November, FBI is investigating the case and the web host says, new security features are being put in place so that such a hack does not take place again.

Just to recall, in a non-critical attack on websites hosted by School Desk in the US on 6 November, pro-IS hackers injected a video in 800 school websites in New Jersey, Virginia and some other States. The video was available for over an hour before it was taken down. No confidential data seems to have been compromised.

Korean web host has ransomware attack, again!

Korean IT news website, etnews, reports that Korea IDC servers of many users have been attacked by a ransomware. Hackers are reported to have encrupted files after taking over them.

Internet Nayana, the compaqny that operates Korea IDC had paid ransom in May after a similar attack. etnews elaborates,
Korea IDC announced that servers that were accessible from anywhere and not authorized IPs were the targets of recent attack. Most of these servers did not have updates that patched up weak points of their security. Kernel or bash, open SSH, and other servers with weak application updates were suffered by this attack. These ransomwares invaded into servers with weak security systems and encrypted internal files.
Hackers did not clarify detailed amount of ransom but just left information that Internet Nayana to contact through email accounts. As a result, types of ransomware and ransom are not clear and this forces Internet Nayana to negotiate with hackers just like in May.
Proves the point that website and blog owners are too careless about security, a point we highlighted earlier, based on a recent study.

A major IT services breakdown in Iceland, but right now there are no answers

Web hosting company, 1984, has reported a major system breakdown, affecting thousands of businesses and individuals. Iceland Review reports that as of 16th November, the company was not sure what caused their sturdy systems to melt, but they do not think it is because of a cyber-attack.

Company's own site was down, when we checked to find updates today.

Free cloud hosting from UnelmaHost: worth it?

Unelma, a two-year old cloud hosting provider based in the USA, offers free web hosting with free cPanel control panel. The company claims 99.9% uptime and high class customer support even for the free plan. Its other plans are also highly affordable.

I didn't find anything in their knowledge base section, and I do not think it speaks highly of a company claiming to be top service provider in cloud hosting.

Though with limitations, the free plan is worth trying for small blogs and websites.