Monday, October 2, 2017

Nobody near Amazon when it comes to cloud hosting infra!

The latest Gartner report on cloud computing for 2016 confirms that when it comes to cloud computing - including web hosting infrastructure and various cloud based services - Amazon is undisputed leader and all biggies look like pigmies in front of it. It had 44.2% marketshare in cloud infrastructure; in comparison, Microsoft had 7.1%, Alibaba 3%, Google 2.3% and Rackspace 2.2% of marketshare. The rest was made up by other companies.

However, the report also says that the other companies are growing faster than Amazon. Microsoft, Alibbaba (mostly because its monopoly in China) and Google have leap-frogged over their 2015 positions.

The graphic below shows the top cloud infrastructure providing companies' revenue in million US dollars from this segment:

Major cloud infrastructure providing companies in 2016

According to the report, cloud computing is the fastest growing IT vertical. Within it, infrastructure comes on top as against platform and software offerings.