Monday, September 25, 2017

Web hosting news and updates

Web host denies services to customers in some countries, seemingly under pressure

Resello Cloud Marketplace, an international webhost based in the Netherlands and focused on re-seller web hosting model, has unilaterally decided not to provide hosting services to Iranian websites, reports Financial Tribune.  Also included in the company website are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea region whose websites will go off the host from November.

Reason? 'Sanctions by the international community,' whatever that means.

Data leaks from web hosting servers are becoming routine

A major Swedish web host, Loopia, saw its servers compromised late last month. Hackers could penetrate the database of its users' identities that included personal and contact information and encrypted passwords.

Luckily, according to the web host, hosted websites were not hacked.

With such news coming quite regularly, website and blog owners need to go for secure plans and also back up their websites.

web hosting news and updates

Lack of cloud computing expertise leads to big losses to companies. IT experts are likely to be in great need.

A Rockspace report reveals that big businesses are losing over $258 million a year due to lack of cloud expertise. 71 percent of IT bosses say, their organizations have lost revenue due to this.

Most enterprises are unable to find right experts for their cloud computing needs. The areas they feel concerned about relate to cloud and overall web security, migration and native app development.

While a big majority of IT pros are in favor of using cloud services, they feel constrained in using them effectively, mostly due to lack of expertise.

Two out of five IT experts queried in the survey said, they end up spending more time in managing their organization's cloud services than initially expected - thus leading to distraction from more impactful activities.

Good news for cloud computing solution providers, experts and aspirants, isn't it?

TLD .online is now owned by over one million websites, are you game?

The .online top level domain is gaining popularity. It is reported that it has already crossed 1 million mark.

What favors this domain ending is that it is quite language neutral and goes with all types of businesses, even personal domains. With this domain, you tell the world that this is the online address of yous or your organization's or your business's.

So, if you are not able to find a meaningful and relevant domain name for your website or blog with .com ending, go for .online!