Sunday, September 10, 2017

Web hosting news and updates: host responsibility helps, Equifax data breach and industry growth trend

Responsible behavior from top web hosts makes hate speech site owner run from pillar to post!

This virulently racist guy, Andrew Anglin, is a well-known name among white supremacists. His website, Daily Stormer, is linked with racist violence across the globe. In August, the website was asked by his domain registrar, GoDaddy, to take away the site since it had posted a potentially hate inciting article on Charlottesville racial violence. A hacker group also threatened to strike the site.

Anglin moved the site briefly to Google Domains and once he was evicted by Google, he took the domain name registration as well as hosting to DreamHost. As the news of the new site,, spread, hackers started attacking DreamHost servers and then it too dropped the site.

Daily Stormer has found a supporter in the chat site Gab where Anglin wrote an article which had to be taken down under protests. Among social networks, Facebook and Twitter have removed links and accounts of the hate sites.

As of now, neither of the sites or its variants is available on the web. However, a replica site of Daily Stormer already exists in the dark web.

Equifax data leak: the worst ever?

Credit rating agency Equifax has confirmed that its data has been breached.  Though announced now, the breach is reported to have taken place between May and July 2017 by exploiting a vulnerability in its website.

Equifax keeps personal, financial and security data of its clients, and about 143 million people mostly in the US, the UK and Canada are stated to be impacted with their data going in the hands of hackers.

This may not be the biggest data leak, if you compare with Yahoo! leak in 2013 that affected a billion accounts. What makes it worse than even that big a leak is that clients' social security details, driving license number and even credit card data seem to have been leaked - and the possibility of fraud with this data is very high. The redeeming news, if you believe the company is, The company has found no evidence of unauthorized activity on Equifax’s core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases.

Web hosting industry to grow 16% CAGR for next 5 years!

This report on web hosting services industry projects that growing at 16% per year for the next five years, this industry would reach the figure of $154 billion in 2022.

That makes it one of the fastest growing stable business segment. If you believe the projections, there is a lot of opportunity for small players, especially in underdeveloped markets. If so, you can expect many issues related to security and service quality before some sort of consolidation takes place in distant future.

Web hosting industry is likely to grow fast.
Web hosting industry: one of the fastest growing!