Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What you lose when you host the blog free on Blogger or Wordpress

This is the bare statistics about what you get with free hosting on the most popular standard blogging platforms.


  • You can open up to 100 blogs per Google account.
  • You can have any number of posts and pages.
  • You can publish up to 50 posts in a day.
  • The blog can have up to 100 people collaborating.
  • Individual pages should not be more than 1MB in size.
  • You can have any number of pictures in your photo folders, totaling 15GB. If you have Google Plus account, photos smaller than 16MP size are not counted towards the storage limit.
  • You can put AdSense or affiliate advertisements on the blog. As on any website, no more than 3 AdSense ads can be displayed on a page. Advertisement options are available when the blog meets some criteria and that needs approval and sharing revenue with Wordpress.
  • Since Google has servers in many countries, visitors of blogspot blogs from such countries get their country suffix as the default suffix (e.g. xyz.blogspot.com visited by someone from India might show its URL as xyz.blogspot.in).
  • You can spruce up the blog through coding. You can change the HTML of the blog though 'themes' and each post through 'HTML editor'. 
  • You can add functionality in different ways through widgets.
  • You can integrate the blog with Google Plus for an extended profile and Google+ comments.
  • The blogs are highly secure against hacking and malicious attacks. All blogs under blogspot domain get HTTPS security.
Comparison between Wordpress and Blogger blogging.


  • You can open many blogs with one account.
  • Has sober, professional looking themes, though the choice is limited in the free plan.
  • Plugins can add functionality. However, there are very limited number of plugins with free plan.
  • Limited customization is possible in individual posts.
  • Total storage including documents and images is 3GB.
  • You cannot upload video.
  • You cannot place advertisements. Publishing paid posts, selling links and having paid reviewed is not allowed and Wordpress can suspend the account for such actions.
  • Blog may show Wordpress advertisements.
  • Wordpress blogs are behind high security and firewall protection.
  • Upgradation is possible on payment: mapping to a custom domain is possible in free and personal plans too but you need to pay for that. More customisation, removal of Wordpress branding, higher storage space, many more themes and placement of advertisements are available in premium and business plans.  

Should serious bloggers look at free blog hosting plans at all?

Yes and no.

- Yes, if you feel your blog is going to remain a personal or hobby blog. Go for Wordpress.com in case you want modern theme and no frills. Go for Blogger in case you want to experiment with layout, design and HTML.

- Yes, and only on Blogger, if you want not to spend much, but you can play with HTML and you want to make money by display of advertisements.

- Yes, and preferably on Wordpress.com, if you intend to shift to self hosted Wordpress blog but would like to have a hang of Wordpress environment before doing so.

- No, if you have big big ambitions from the blog. Jump directly to Wordpress self hosted blog. In fact, you could also be looking at other CMSs such as Joomla.