Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why Wordpress is bloggers' first choice for self-hosted blogs?

Hosting of a blog on the web starts with having a free blog already on some platform (Blogger, Wordpress, etc), buying a hosting space and putting the blog there.

The reverse is true for bloggers who want to go for a self-hosted blog from day 1. If you are such a blogger, you'd buy a web hosting plan and then create your blog in that web space.

Wordpress fits well with self hosting of blogs.

For majority of bloggers, it is the first route that they take. You already have a blog on Wordpress or Blogger or elsewhere and you later want to host it independently.

Though Blogger has many features and the facility for playing with its code much more than what a free Wordpress blog allows (Other free blogging platforms such as Tumblr have even fewer customization features), when it comes to self-hosting, it helps if you are already familiar with Wordpress blogging. 

Wordpress blog is amenable to easy self hosting

There are 3 main reasons why having a Wordpress free blog makes it easy to shift to selof-hosted blog:

1. You already are familiar with Wordpress environment. CMS software looks a lot similar to free blogging platform. So, if you have familiarity with the buttons, tools and plugins and how they respond, working on a blog created using CMS looks very easy.

2. does not require you to migrate to another host, but allows you space and other premium services for a payment. This aspect can be looked into as a viable alternative to having a blog on a new host, and has been dealt with separately. But if you want to expand beyond what Wordpress premium plans can provide you, this option might not suit you.

3. All popular web hosts have simple tools for hosting a created blog. This goes highly in favor of Wordpress. Because Wordpress is so popular as a blogging content management system (CMS), all big web hosting companies provide simple, 'one-click' solutions to host the blog on their servers. Though this is meant for blogs created with Wordpress CMS (i.e., blogs created on free also can be hosted with the same ease due to similar internal structure and coding. In case of blogs or websites made on other platforms, you might need to go through a series of steps.