Sunday, August 13, 2017

What are 'web host' and 'web hosting' ? Is webhosting same as having a 'domain name' ?

When you open a blog or website, you need to keep it on some computer/ server where it is available all the time. When someone types your site or blog's address, it searches the world wide web (www) for that address, and if that address is found your web browser shows your website or blog to him. This is how websites are kept on the www.

So, it is very basic that your website or blog is 'hosted' somewhere on the www. There are big internet companies that do this job for you either free or on payment. Sure, you get better services when you pay.

From bloggers' point of view, web hosting is of great importance. If you open a free blog on Blogger ( or Wordpress (, that blogging platform does three things for you:
  • It gives you a domain name or web address (e.g.
  • It hosts your blog on its own servers.
  • It gives you the facility to write content on the blog and make the blog beautiful.
Blogger, Wordpress and some other blogging platforms do it for free. They do so with some other business in mind, but as a blogger you need not bother as long as the blog comes free to you.
However, these platforms cannot keep providing you free services even when you grow as a big company. As you grow, you need more space, you also need a way to make money from the blog. For these, you need something more than the free platforms can provide you. You also do not want to be limited by their terms and conditions. This is the time, you look for web hosting services - people who would host your blog on their platforms.

Web hosting has a price. That depends upon the type of hosting you buy: shared hosting or exclusive hosting or... There are also variations according to what extra facilities you want. (We discuss that in detail here: types of web hosting). You pay for hosting year by year till you want your blog to live on the www.

Web hosting is a big business as millions of websites are to be made available all the time. That requires huge infrastructure in the form of servers, networks, web security systems and a series of software that cannot afford to shut down even for a second or go slow due to traffic.

blogs hosted on web hosting sites

Before I say good bye, let me remind you that web hosting is not enough for your blog or website's presence on the web. You need a domain name. When you are not on a free platform such as Blogger, you need to buy a domain name and renew it year after year. Please visit this post if you want more information on it: Are having a domain name and web hosting the same?