Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What is cloud hosting and how does it work?

Cloud, in computing sense, refers to a network of servers (type of big computers), with distributed resources. The companies that offer cloud services have a system by which they offer you web space or applications in such a way that if there is any constraint of network availability, bandwidth or power failure or else, other servers take over.

Cloud web hosting connects servers across the globe.

Because they have big resources and they can dynamically 'load balance' in case of heavy traffic or such other demand from websites, cloud hosting companies often offer scalable - or pay as you consume - plans. Though it is not necessary that a localized server will not give the same level of service, cloud hosting companies claim to give high level of reliability and stability because of the distributed and shared nature of hosting.

On pricing, bigger clients tend to gain because of scalability (i.e. they need not buy the maximum level of resources which lie idle except during peak level of activity). For smaller website/ blog owners, companies seem to be using 'cloud' as a bet to charge somewhat more than the standard type of hosting.

Critics talk of data security risks due to the fact that the data travels between connected computers, but cloud hosts seem to have been taking enough care on this count. Like in the case of localized hosting, the bigger the plan you purchase, the more security features it has.

Amazon is at present the biggest cloud company in the world, with presence across continents. Google, Microsoft and many other regular web hosts provide cloud hosting services. But there are reports of some hosts with very cheap plans selling sub-standard services; if the servers are bad or there is low dedicated bandwidth or insecure firewalls or poor customer service, only being 'on the cloud' does not matter.

So, while being aware that cloud hosting has some great intrinsic value, it is important to go with a reliable host and a plan that suits you - cloud or no cloud.