Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Don't go for reseller web hosting unless you fully trust it

Reseller web hosting, as the name suggests, is when someone buys hosting resources in bulk and then sells it in retail to others. His or her role is limited to providing some integration services.

Some big web hosts promote reseller hosting so as to grow business. They also claim that their resellers give the same class of service as they give to their first-hand customers. That may be true to some companies, but we advise that you take reseller hosting with a pinch of salt.

Reseller web hosting can be a losing proposition unless double-checked.

You can definitely buy hosting solutions from a reseller host if you fully trust the reseller because of your knowing him/ her or because of a believable recommendation or the reseller being an educational lab or high reputation of their past. In case you take the services of a web designer or developer and they have reseller plans, you can go for their plan as a combo-offer that takes care of all your website maintenance work. Otherwise it can turn out to be a lose-lose proposition. You have no control over much of the resources, the main host may not give you proper service, the reseller (who is generally a small-time tech operator) will not be able to help you in times of traffic surge or when issues arise, and the charges will still be only marginally lower than the low-end web hosting plans of big players.

So, friends, the advice it: Don't go for a reseller hosting plan just because it looks cheap or comes with bundled offers; double check the plan and discard the reseller hosting offer if you can get a somewhat similar plan from a reputed and trusted web host.